Possum Outline Embroidery Design

Free Possum Outline Embroidery Design. This little possum, friend or pest, but regardless of if you like possums or not, this can make a good little design, especially for children etc.

Design Information:
Size: Height 63.88 mm, Width 40.34 mm
Stitches: 1,242
Trims: 1
Colors: 1

Original Image and Design ©

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Free Possum Outline Embroidery Design.
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Possum Outline

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Extra Info: A possum is any of about 70 small to medium-sized arboreal marsupial species native to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi (and introduced to New Zealand and China).
Possums are quadrupedal diprotodont marsupials with long tails. The smallest possum, indeed the smallest diprotodont marsupial, is the Little Pygmy Possum with an adult head-body length of 70mm and a weight of 10g. The largest is the Bear Cuscus that may exceed 7 kg. Possums are typically nocturnal and at least partially arboreal. The various species inhabit most vegetated habitats and a few species have adjusted well to urban settings. Diets range from generalist herbivores or omnivores (the Common Brushtail possum) to specialist browsers of eucalyptus (Greater Glider), insectivores (Mountain Pygmy Possum) and nectar-feeders (Honey Possum).
The possum has been a part of Australian culture and folklore since the original indigenous inhabitants of the country. Aboriginal Australians once used possum hides whilst playing the traditional game of Marn Grook. Possum-skin cloaks were important clothing for Aborigines from the south-east, as well as being important clan heirlooms.

(Resource for info: wikipedia)

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